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Summary: If you want money, good health, and wisdom, continue reading. Seeking a sad life? You came to the wrong place. (Tweet This)

Happy New Year! That's for all zero of you reading this at the official launch. Since today's date is 1/1, this might be the best time to look after #1: yourself. That's the first step in what I'm looking to accomplish with this website. When you make yourself better, it's a lot easier to help those around you.

That may seem a little selfish, but it's like the flying instructions of putting on your oxygen mask first.

After far too much waffling on how to describe Be Better Now, I've decided to use the Five Ws (and one H) approach (Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How). I'm going skip the Where (hint: it's here) and When (hint: there's a reason why "now" is in the title).

What is Be Better Now?

Be Better Now is a blog that is about improving your life today. Have you said to yourself, "I'm going to lose that weight", "I'm going to start that business", or "I'm going to clean the garage", but then put it off until tomorrow? It's very cliché, but tomorrow never comes. I have waited for tomorrow my whole life. Even this very website is a string of "tomorrows" covering over five years. So I'm laying down the gauntlet and challenging myself to "Be Better Now." (There's a 103% chance I'm going to regret this slogan.)

I'm going to try to keep the self-affirmation to a minimum. I'm not here to take jack wagons to mamby pamby land. I don't know if you are good enough or if you are smart enough... and doggone it, if people like you (see Stuart Smalley).

I do know that there is a lot of practical advice from a lot of smart people out there. I try to take in that information like a giant sponge, filter out the junk, and present just the best information.

Why Be Better Now?

"I fight for me! For Me!" - Ivan Drago

I want to be a better person for my family, my friends, my community, and society in general. However, most of all, I want to be better for me. Hopefully, I can convince others this is a worthwhile endeavor, inspire them to be better, and guide them to their goals.

How is Be Better Now going to help me?


While there are many reasons to wake up early, I think the genius of old Ben came when he partnered, "healthy", "wealthy", and "wise" together. Using those wise words as a rough guideline, each weekday, I'll write one in depth article on how to be better:

"Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise" - Benjamin Franklin

  • Monday: Money, Personal Finance & Career - If you were to ask 100 people what causes them the most stress, I almost guarantee it would be their career or finances. Money doesn't buy you happiness, but it can eliminate a lot of woe.
  • Tuesday: Productivity, Organization & Simplicity - Being more efficient means more hours in the day. How you spend those hours are up to you. Investing the time to learn something better will pay off for years down the line.
  • Wednesday: Mind and Psychology - This is the day we'll work on a new skill or a new way of thinking to keep us on track. Sometimes I'll cover how to get motivated and other times we'll cover a skill like how to negotiate.
  • Thursday: Health & Fitness - If we are going to be better, we might as well live long enough to enjoy the fruits of our labor, right? Also healthier people are happier people.
  • Friday: Everything Else - On Fridays, I'll try to keep it a little light going into the weekend. I'll use this to give you a little peak into my own life, how my goals are progressing. We'll review previous posts of the last month. We'll talk about helping others and the community. We'll even have a little fun.

This schedule isn't set in stone... it isn't even set in Play-Doh. Don't be too disappointed if you are expecting one thing and get another. With holidays and special events, I reserve the right to preempt your regular program with a special event.

Who am I?


"Who the (bleep) are you" - The Who

I'm just an ordinary person, like you, trying to make positive change in his life and the lives of others. I am not a self-help guru. I don't have all the answers. I'm not trying to tell someone they need to "Be Better Now." I'm exploring ways that one could be better if they choose to be. I'm going to make many, many mistakes along the way, but the hope is to learn from those mistakes and not repeat them.

In the end, all I have on this website is a lot of words... it's up to you and me to turn them into actions.

Other things you might want to know about me: I was born in the United States where too often I take freedom for granted. My parents raised me well, taught me right from wrong, and helped me get a great education where I double majored in Computer Science and Linguistics at Brandeis University. I have a lovely wife. We have two lovely boys, born 15 months apart, both under the age of 3. We have a 75 pound husky/yellow lab/chow mix who knows exactly how handsome he is (such a diva). I have a dream job of developing web-based businesses. It allows me to work wherever I want to work, when I work, and how much I work. I live in New England and I love my Boston sports teams.

In short, I have it pretty good. I want everyone to have "the good life" (however they define it). Each article you read here should bring you closer to that goal.

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